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Sia Windig

Sia Windig

In my life I have done a great many things. Professionally I worked for the government and for compagnies big and small. Writing texts, making visuals, designing websites and integrating Social Media in the life of businesses. The common thread in all this is to bring hidden treasures out in the open, in words, images and with a good marketing strategy. More and more I am focusing on photography

Ingenuity and Solutions.

So what drives me? It's all about provoking a sense of wonder and respect for the intricate complexities of nature. 
My goal? To create a connection between nature and your emotions through my intriguing images. I want to shift your focus from your head to your heart and inspire you to take action. Nothing is more fun than being busy as a photographer with ingenuity and solutions. Both on the human level but particularly in nature.

Hello scientists! Are you looking for someone showcase your groundbreaking projects to the world? I have a knack for transforming complex scientific concepts into captivating visuals that will leave people in awe.

Only when something becomes tangible and visible, you can relate to it. You must be able to touch the intention. It can help to reduce a major problem to a simple operation. Such as picking up plastic from the street of beach, makes you part of a cleaner world. Because it is only when something becomes tangible that you can relate to it. With my images and stories I seek to invite this connection.

Hold your breath for a moment, marvel, and grow your respect for this fragile world. Because that is the goal of Sia's work: to create a connection with nature and emotions through her gentle and intricate images. Let's turn our lives for the better by embracing the beauty of nature around us." 
Pf fotografie magazine for professional photographers 


I like to capture a person or an object in their habitat. I make the link with what they or their company stand for in a picture. 
A good picture stays relevant through time.

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Captivating the essence

I take time to explore a subject. What is the essence my client wants to show the world? I don't do obvious. I like to play with senses and art.  There is a great satisfaction in nailing it. 

microscope photography


Photographing with a microscope is one of my favorite ways to discover, wonder and show how special our world is.


Bite an apple—three generations in the mouth. Twenty thousand species of shrimp in the ocean, nine thousand birds in the sky. Flowers track our our sun, gazing eyeless, all molecules no mind. Don't talk to me about galaxies and space or colonizing Mars. We are walking on magic and microbes and we don't understand any of it.